(Just Jarvis)


(Artists unite for peace)

Our international and local artists have included a mix of muralists, photographers and even furniture makers who attached beautiful wooden creations, using brackets, to the wall;  The artists have incuded Riccardo Attanasio, Ricardo Akn, Mateus Bailon, Lee Bofkin, Born, Ceres Crew, CODE FC, Cranio, M F Doom, Jack Haslehurst, Hunto, Jive, Judge Dredd, just jarvis, Caroline Maggio, Roger Molloy, David Samuel, Rachell Smith, Riot, Alex Senna, Sky High, Alison Steadman, Tizer, Zadok  and many others The charity/community events that the London Art Wall have hosted on LAW, many of which have been featured on CNN, have included: HRH Prince Charles' Prince's Trust 'At Risk Youth Program,' Peter Gabriel's 'Witness,' 'What Are You Grateful For,' 'Lord Michael Bates', 'Walk for Truce,' Baroness Grey-Thompson's 'Access All Areas,' 'International Peace Day' and '- End Child Marriage - Give Rings the Finger,' 'Stop Violence Against Women,' ' From Plovdiv with Love,' in addition to, several wedding proposals.



“We have had a lot of fun working with global charities and first-rate artists from around the world, and being a part of its transition, and we look forward to doing the same worldwide.”

Peter Mackeonis, owner of the ART WALL COMPANYl